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Let Jesus change your life 

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

JOHN 8:36

Book a Personal Deliverance Session 


Before every personal session we hold a 20 minute complimentary short interview and prayer to understand your condition. Sometimes the origin of people’s problems may have causes other than demonic oppression. In some cases, the origin of the problem is demonic, but it may be premature to start the deliverance process and more work needs to be done in preparation


In both cases, we will make sure we give our recommendation as to how to proceed further. However, if demonic oppression is confirmed and you are approved, we will schedule you for a personal session - (pricing below)

You will receive:

  • Each session taking place with both Dr Al & Rachel

  • Interview to identify possible open doors to the enemy (including wounds from the past and soul-ties), also understanding if disassociation has taken place

  • Effective curse breaking prayer

  • Identification of witchcraft attacks, types of witchcraft and their source

  • Expelling of demons, witchcraft and other spirits in the correct order

  • Healing prayers for physical ailments and infirmities caused by demonic oppression

  • Armament of your spirit to stay free and reclaim your kingdom blessings and territory

The deliverance process can take several sessions for complete freedom and the success of your deliverance depends on your faith, dedication and level of surrender to the Lord

Book your appointment now to recieve freedom in the name of Jesus!

Session Pricing

Zoom Deliverance Session (1 hour) - $150 

  • Deliverance and healing with Dr Al & Rachel

2 x Zoom Deliverance Sessions - $250

  • Can be used for two hour session or one hour session on two different dates

In-person Home Visit Deliverance (2-3 hours) - $400​

  • Deliverance and healing with Dr Al & Rachel

  • Anointing of your home with oil

  • Price TBC if outside of Los Angeles

Monthly Gold Membership - $500

  • 4 x Zoom Deliverance sessions per month

  • Weekly 30 minute check-ins for prayer and the strengthening of your spirit

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