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Curse breaking prayer

I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God. I believe He died on the cross shed His precious blood to forgive my sins. He is my Lord and Savior and the ONLY way to God. The name of Jesus is above all names.

I renounce all other religions and faith systems:

(Name all religions you may have been affiliated with and all practices, prayers to false gods, meditations etc.)

I declare that I forgive all those, who have wronged me, because my Father in heaven has forgiven my sins. I also declare and ask forgiveness from those, whom I have wronged in any way, known and unknown to me.
(Take a pause and allow the Holy Spirit to remind you the names and faces of the people whom you should forgive and against whom you have sinned.)

I declare that I renounce all my sins: Witchcraft, Immorality and all other sins known and unknown to me.

(Take a pause and name all sins without mitigating or paraphrasing. Be specific. If you stole someone's wallet say I stole…I committed theft as opposed to "I took without asking".)

I cover all my sins with the blood of Jesus Christ.

I renounce every agreement, covenant, contract with the devil. I renounce all rituals, ceremonies, and promises made to Satan, by me, my ancestors, or by my enemies.

I renounce all hexes, vexes and spells over me, all voodoo rituals performed against me, and every incantation written or verbal, binding me to Satan.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I go back to my childhood and I surrender to Jesus all rejection, abandonment and abuse my younger self has experienced. I open my heart to the Holy Spirit for healing. I break and release all verbal curses spoken against me by my parents, my relatives and my enemies.

I renounce all sexual abuse and immorality.

(If specific past events come to mind, say them out loud, be specific, name the people involved and describe what happened and cover it by the blood of Jesus)

Only if it applies to you: I renounce and ask forgiveness for termination of pregnancy through murder of the baby/babies. I rebuke the spirit of death and murder in the name of Jesus and command it to go to the pit!. I forgive myself and I release all soul ties with the soul of innocently killed babies. I cover my sin with the blood of Jesus.

I disconnect myself from the curses passed down to me from my ancestors, I declare my bloodline clean by the blood of Jesus. I renounce ancestral curses of witchcraft, satanic secret societies, blood sacrifices, murder and worshipping idols.

I renounce, break and release, all ungodly, evil soul ties with my relatives, my ancestors and with the people I have had relationships.

(Name those people if it comes to mind.)

I renounce all control and manipulation of me by other people, I also renounce my own ungodly manipulations and controls of others.

I renounce, break and release, all religious spirits, religious idolatry, all worship of men and women, dead or alive, all worship of religious objects and idols. I renounce all demonic twisting of the Word of God, false prophecies and Satanic, counterfeit spiritual gifts.

In The name of Jesus Christ, by the Word of God, I speak to all existing evil spirits. get out of me in Jesus' name!

I command you, all evil spirits, ungodly soul ties, curses of witches, astral projections, curses of ancestors, Get out of me in Jesus' name!

Any marine spirits, and spirit of:
Mammon, Moloch, Jezebel, Baal, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Baphomet, Python, Shiva, Kali, Lucifer and others.

In the name of Jesus I command you:

(Name your illnesses and diseases, all infirmities and physical, emotional and spiritual problems you have, one by one….)
Leave right now in the name of Jesus

I destroy all the curses and legal rights of Satan over me, my family and my children.

I command the chief spirit: You have no more legal rights to me. I bind you with the divine chord to all your kingdoms and to all your sicknesses. Get out of me now!

Now stop praying and breathe out 

If you felt nauseous, felt as if something was moving inside, or twisting your spinal chord, if you began yawning excessively, coughing up mucus, began growling or any other symptoms, please contact us or join our group deliverance session

Read this prayer out loud

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