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Frequently Asked Questions

What is deliverance?

The words "Deliverance" and "Exorcism" can be used interchangeably. It is a prayer during which the power and the grace of God are demonstrated to expel evil spirits from a person.

Is deliverance safe?

It is safe and highly beneficial if done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit empowered by the saving work on the cross by Jesus Christ.

What opens the door to demons?

Each case is different, but most commonly: any form of witchcraft, using drugs, major violations of the commandments of God.

Can demons return?

They can, if you do not arm yourself with faith and keep the door closed to the enemy.

How many sessions do I need?

We booking at least a couple of 1-2-1 sessions as a starting point. Attending group sessions are also a great way to follow-up and stay in your freedom from demonic oppression.

Do I need to be a Christian?

You may experience the power of Jesus even if you are not a Christian. However, you need to be open to accepting Jesus' saving grace in order to deprive demons of their rights to your life. Dedication to Christ is a major condition to receiving deliverance and staying free. Going back to bad lifestyle choices may invite the enemy back.

How do I know that I have a demon or are spiritually oppressed?

You may have suicidal thoughts or be under mental torment. You could be a victim of witchcraft if you have frequent nightmares - get chased, fed food or violated in dreams. You may be afflicted with illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, infertility, gynaecological problems.  You may be experiencing depression, insomnia, compulsive negative thoughts, perversion, addictions, inability to pray or eating disorders. These are all signs of spiritual oppression.

Does deliverance and spiritual gifts still exist today? 

The power of God operates through believers in the name of Jesus today. The gifts of the Holy Spirit such as gifts of healing, prophecy and miracles still exist and are in full operation among those who believe. Authority to cast out demonic spirits from people is one of the major miraculous gifts the Lord has given to the church. If the enemy has not retired from his evil works, if demons still vex people today, if evil and witchcraft still exist in the world, so, by necessity, does the ministry of deliverance in the name of Jesus. 


I’m a Christian, how can I have a demon? 

If you have made a decision to completely surrender to Christ, to reject the worldly lifestyle and follow Jesus, you may be a major target for the enemy. If you are truly born again, your spirit is inhabited by the Spirit of God. However, there may be areas in your life, especially related to your flesh and its desires, your soul, emotional wounds, mental strongholds, that may still be under demonic control. Demons do not go away by themselves. When you repented and gave your life to Christ you received salvation, which is far more important than deliverance. However, if the demons were not expelled, they need to be cast out. 


How can demons coexist with the Holy Spirit in me? 

Demons are spiritual beings and do not occupy space as physical bodies do. Just like sin can coexist with the Spirit of God when Christians live in sin, or sickness can dwell in us along with the Holy Spirit, so demons can occupy an area in our body or the soul to afflict us as long as they are not expelled. We do not believe a Christian can be “fully” possessed by demons, but the enemy can cause major afflictions to a Christian if they are not cast out by the power of God. 

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